Hmm.. finally i have time to write again.. ok to everybody selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin.

This year I have to go back to go back to two kampung (Raub & Batu Pahat)

Kampung # 1 – Raub:

It is fun to raya in raub. At least i have something to do like preparing lemang (although this year I only manage to cut the bamboos & setup the fire . Fall asleep when my mother in law cook the lemang hehehe)

The bamboos that i cut 

Other than that my job is makan and makan again. I lost 4 kg during puasa and 1.5 kg during raya.

Kampung # 2 – Batu Pahat:

We went back to Batu Pahat on the 2nd day of hari raya. It took me almost 5 hours of driving from Raub to Batu Pahat just because of the stupid traffic jam from Nilai to Seremban.

What i miss during raya in Batu Pahat is the last of Ramadhan breaking fast where all the relatives gather and eat in a big tray ( 4 people to a tray). I miss the kepala and kaki kambing.

We stayed in a hotel because there is no space for us in MakTok’s house… Here are some of the photos….


The Hotel                             Teasing edy.. hehehe

The nasi lemak with tauhu                        Maktok

We came back to Shah Alam on the 3rd of Hari Raya. It took us almost 5 hours because of the traffic jam form Ayer Keroh to Nilai 😦

Anyway .. Selamat Hari Raya… See you soon

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