I’m back – buat kesekian kalinya

Hmm…. its a hectic few month for me. A transition period of my working career.. interesting isn’t it?

Finally, I got some guts to leave my comfortable zone in my working career. Anyway i’m now a “SPECIAL OFFICER” to the “CEO” in a hr & strategic consulting firm. In other word i’m the menteri kerja2 khas in the company. someone said to me its a job for kuli but what the hack.. it is better than sitting in the office doing nothing and FYI “F**kers”, it is a good learning curve for my career la… hahahahahah… and i get my salary earlier than the so called “biggest engineering company in msia”… hahahaha again

My target here is to learn as much as i could and if the company growth maybe i’m thinking of growing with it.

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