Harga Minyak … Does it affect me?

Of course la kena bahang dia… actually apa yang aku perasan, golongan sederhana (rm2000-rm5000) ni yang kena impact paling teruk nak tahu kenapa? Diorang ni semua ada kereta so bila haraga minyak naik mesti la budget lari and impact dia lagi besar. For golongan yang gaji bawah rm2000 and takde kereta effect diorang ada gak tapi tak sebesar impak maksima la… yang pergi kerja naik lrt tu lagi la tak terasa sangat.. aku kesian kat budak despatch, sales guys and org2 macam aku yang perlukan kereta untuk kerja… APA LA NASIB KITA?

Macam aku lak yang diwajibkan ada kereata untuk bekerja mmg terasa gila.. Ni dengar credit card takleh pakai kat petrol pump lagi naya aku…. so bulan ni kena bayar double la.. hutnag petrol bulan lepas and petrol bulan ni.. hauhau… pandai2 la kau azrin….

I know i can survive in this crisis right now but i have to clear some big debts. Clearing it is not easy but it is not impossible.. in 1-2 years insyaallah i can clear it.. but i need to live in my budget la. AND NEED TO DO MORE PART TIME… own my own or with my 2 chinese photographer guys…( I love to work with people with different races.. reason? I also dont know)

A few private companies i’ve heard giving COLA to their staff.. one comapny even gives rm700 per month as a COLA to thier staff… lucky them… but they are still not satisfied because all the bosses also got COLA of RM1500!!!!… waaa again the rich become richer the poor will die of tension… hahaha funny world isn’t it

But believe me.. people will adapt with the situation because we have to or else we cannot live…. just cut a few here and there then we will be fine… what to do life is like that… the only thing to bring down the oil price is recession and if it happens (IT WILL).. people will suffer more..

MY ADVICE: Keep yourself low and save while you can.. Not enough money, find new and better job… if cannot do part time la… rm 300-400 per month pun ok to survive..

Note: Anyone need a photographer plssss call me… we can tak anything… WE ARE THE F.A.T team… trust us

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