Yess.. couldnt believe it yess.. me and my family involved in the protest

We wear red clothes

We shouted, we laugh and edy cried…

but it is not the “perhimpuanan sejuta rakyat untuk turunkan harga minyak” – It is a way where we show our protest against the perhimpunan…. TENGOK BOLA!!

30000 people came to see Sultan Selangor Cup and it really suprised me because it is at the same time as the PROTES. It seems that people has been adapting with the current situation and did not bother much to PROTES and really want to enjoy themselves

 (all pictures taken using Handphones. Too lazy to carry my A100)

Anak Selangor

Anak Selangor

Edy really enjoy the match. The date 6th July 2008… the first time we brought him for “Wayang” (I paid RM120 for 2 tickets of Gold class GSC to make sure he is comfortable) & Tengok Bola.

But this photo i have no comment la… even the police cant remove this banner

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  1. musz says:

    awat tak habaq… aku dok tengah padang tu amik gambar.. hehehehe..

  2. Bryan Koh says:

    Hi kawan,

    I also went to the stadium. wah means really got a lot of alpha kaki there. Thanks for visiting my blog. And the Raju roti canai look nice… should try 1 day. : )


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