Review – Colmar Tropicale

This is my first review in this blog.


Colmar Tropicale entrence

Subject            : Hotel & Resort

Hotel               : Colmar Tropicale

Location          : Bukit Tinggi Malaysia




I’ve been to this resort 2 times before for vacation and also workshop. This time I am here for official business in conducting a workshop. I always find Colmar Tropicale as a place for people that have been tricked by pictures and promos from the net.


The last time I’ve been here is 3-4 years ago and not surprisingly the condition of the resort has turn from bad to worst. For me, the exterior of the resort is so misleading. The interior of the hotel is like a 2-star hotel except for the 4-posture bed. This is the pro & con for Colmar Tropicale  resort:




  • Beautiful French concept building
  • Privacy during weekdays – Hardly you can see people during weekdays
  • Service – fast response time (because there is no people)
  • Nice bed
  • Weather – Not that cold but at night it is nice to walk
  • Meeting facilities – OK for me
  • The cleaning is quite good – They even fold my dirty cloths




  • Bad food – I stayed here for 2 nights and the only French meal that they serve is the French cookie during dinner & lunch. The food is tasteless and the two days breakfast is the same
  • Room maintenance – Bad, I have to change room on this first hour because the air-cond is not working, no TV channels and the worst thing is there is NO HOT SHOWER. Even when I change room the wash basin is out of order.
  • Entertainment – Nothing. The only best thing is the arcade. Even the rabbit park sucks big time.
  • Room size too small for a 4-posture bed
  • Building utilization – The French castle is still not opened since I’ve been here 3-4 years ago
  • The internet charges is RM30/hour and it is only at the hospitality lounge




Overall I give it a 2-star resort rating. More negative aspect than positive aspects. I would recommend this place for honeymoon and also company who wants to have retreats in a place where no one will disturb them. I’m not sure the rate of the rooms because the room paid by my client.


Pictures taken during the trip:

Inside Colmar


The Empty French Castle

My room

Sinki yang tertanggal

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