Review – Raju Roti Canai

Name : Raju Restaurant
Address : Jalan Chantek 5/13 (off Jalan Gasing),Petaling Jaya (Behind Lasalle PJ School)
Food Type : Daun Pisang

This is my favourite place to have Roti Canai during weekend. I can Wallap minimum of 3 roti canai at one sitting. The roti canai is so crunchy and tasty that everytime when you finish eating one roti canai you want another roti canai. The kuah also delicious. There is one kuah called kuah special that is quite spicy and tasty

Roti Canai With Kuah Special


4 Types of Kuah

The tosai is quite nice also. There is also a variety of curry dishes and also “goreng-goreng” likke fried fish, sotong and also prawn.

The downside of this place is the parking area. You have to park at the road side and sometime you have to walk quite far. The drinks also is not that good. I normally ordered a can of “air nenas”.

The place always full. So please be patient and i tell you it worth it.

Pictures of my family “wallping” the roti canai….

Waiting for The Roti Canai

Choosing the Kuah

Edy in action…..


The Mascot Of Raju

Overall : For me it is the best place to have roti canai for breakfast. They also have rice for lunch but someone mentioned to me the lunch is just so-so. It is definitely a place to go and i reccomend all to try it. The price is quite high (rm1.40 -rm1.60 per roti canai if not mistaken).. but it worth it..

I give it 4.5/5.0

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3 Responses to Review – Raju Roti Canai

  1. Ajuan says:

    tak ajak siot….

  2. Templar says:

    Ini memang menyebabkan aku lapar pada bila bila masa saya baca blog ini….

  3. azrin138 says:

    Templar.. mmg sedap pun.. ada berani.. bila mau pergi contact aku

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