Sony Alpha Outing – Melaka

Date : 19 July 2008
Place : Melaka Bandar Bersejarah

Sony have done it again. Good post customer relationship. This time Melaka. It suprise me at first that we should gather at midvalley at 1.00 pm and go back from melaka at 8.30 pm. After calculating the ‘makan’ and travel time, we have only one hour to shoot pictures. Luckly last minute sony change the time to 10.00 am to gather at midvalley….

The participants , trainers and organizers

We wait and wait and wait…. and george told us that there is miscommunication with the bus driver.. they thought it is 1 pm… So this is the time we are on board of the bus

Angry and sleppy face waiting for the bus

So we arrived around 2 and we are damn hungry. Luckly sony gave us angpow of rm20 each for us to have lunch… So this is my trainer STOCKIE and my group (notice the green calit.. it is an indication that we are in green team)

Some of the photos taken during the trip

Hmm we finished at around 4.30pm. There is nothing much to shoot actually especially it raining cat and dogs and mice and everything la. I hate that kind of weather. we end up walking, shoot a bit and lepak makan cendol nyonya.. It is actually good place to take photos if the weather is great.

The tired faces of Alpha team

We had dinner at a nice nyonya restaurant in Melaka. We had a photo review session and prize giving ceremony there. As usual i’m not the winner. Anyway i’m there to have fun. That’s all. The winner is one of our green team member (Seems like my lucky charm is for someone that is close to me.. betul tak amir?). Sony gave the 18-200 lens. Congrats to “i dont remember his name” chap.

Overall, it is a better outing by sony. More trainers, the food is great and the outing met thier objectives. All the minor hiccups is forgetable. SONY RAWKS

Rating : 4/5

Note: Photos taken by me n Kevin Ng

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1 Response to Sony Alpha Outing – Melaka

  1. ezani79 says:

    Nice photo series Azrin! good writing also..I guess the bad weather on that day spoiled everyone during the outing.

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