CIMB Malaysian Open Squash

Its time for another sporting outing with my family.. this time the annually CIMB Malaysian Open Squash at the Curve Damansara.

We paid for rm30 each adult and arrived late. So the seat that we get in crap man.. why did they sell ticket for the same price… damn u Malaysia Squash Association….

The only thing i can see is two heads running around the court.. thats all.. so i went out and make a point to skip the all malaysian men final. The only reason we are there to see Dato Nicol anyway. So we decided to feed edy first… A Sexy post by edy

So while edy taking his ‘shushu’, i went for a walk around the court to take pics. This pic is taken from ‘free area’… clearer maaa…

So we went back to the court area and have a decent seat that at least we can see the squash ball.. We managed to get a seat during the men interview session and stayed there until the end of the match… overall it is a good outing and edy really enjoyed it… Congrats to Beng Hee and Nicol for winning the tournament..

The only regrat is the organizer should be fair to all the tickets holder.. make a grandstand all around the court la… STUPID!!!!

Ok some pictures.. enjoy

Nicol Preparing for the match


Edy concentrating on the game

The crowd.. Look at the “free” watching area.. better than mine maaa

Beng Hee .. been interviewed

The Ladies Finale

Me watching what?

Dato Nicol from the back

The final result (Sayur siot)

My brother (the founder of first nicol david website)

Sudah kalah baling baju ajer la

Special winnig pose by Nicol

More Pictures here : My flickr

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