Lunch at Italiannies – The Curve

After a grueling time watching CIMB Squash Tournament, we make our way to my recent favourite restaurant….

This is the third time i’ve had my meal in this restaurant.. one utama, the garden and now the curve.. Their slogan…

.. which is spot on.. especially the big portion part. one meal you can actually share between 2 or 3 person.. for an introduction they will serve you bread with olive oil…

We had a starter and 2 meal for 4 adults and 1 kid.

Starter – spinach and cheese. Sorry no pictures because it is too delicious until I’ve forgotten that i have a camera with me

Main dish – Spaghetti with meatball

The biggest meatball i have ever eaten. The dish came with two tasty balls….

Pepperoni Pizza

The pizza is so-so la. Not recommended

The eating photos

The Spaghetti Dracula

Meatball eating

Edy finishing quarter of the spaghetti

Muka budak kenyang menepuk tangan

Overall i give the restaurant 4/5 rating. It is a bit expensive but if you eat weekdays for 4 people with drinks, 1 appertizer, 3 main dish and 1 desert it will only cost you about RM80 ++ for all. That is a bargain for me….

Until later….

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