I’ve turned 30

Sorry for the late post. Been busy for the past 2 days… I’m actually 30years and 2 days old today.

I would od some reflection of my life in this post

10 YEARS AGO ( 1998 )

1998 i always called it year of SUKOM. The Commonwealth Games though me a lot of things as it is the first time i really worked. I still remember i’ve worked in a warehouse, office and also the stadium for a few months (I’ve got salary in range of rm350 to rm 2500 per month). A lot of things I learnt during the period in sense of strategy, business setup and also the true meaning of friendship (you can never be a leader to your closest friends). 1998 also actually the downfall of my education dream. It is the year of recession and ADP4 batch in PPP/ITM was not allowed to what we so-called “FLY”. We were sent to local universities and it is a dissapoinment period for most of us. Basically it is the year of that changed me a lot in terms of maturity and relationship. My passion – NONE

5 YEARS AGO ( 2003 )

I was in Hospital Serdang project. As an assistant Mechanical Engineer. I hate becoming engineer. During that year i realize that i’m not game for too technical stuffs. It is a the tail end of the project and i have nothing much to do. Just clock in, play LUCKY BALL, and clock out when it is time. Nice aaa doing that for a sallry of rm2500.. hahhaah… My Passion -GOLF

NOW ( 2008 )

I’m 30. Losing hair and getting fatter (always blame the genetic). I’m working as special officer in a hr training and consulting company. A small company with great prospect. The reason for leaving my previous company is so that i have more experience in sense of serving as a consultant for other companies. Had an opportunity to have better salary job but rejected it. Regret it a bit since my financial status is not that strong. I have a new passion – DSLR camera and i really like it.

5 YEARS FROM NOW ( 2013 )

How aaa? I assume i’m a bit thin but still bald hahah. At this time i wish to have at least 2 kids. Minimal debt and a senior consultant position. I also wish that i managed to go to Old Trafford at least once. (my dream la bro)…..

10 YEARS FROM NOW ( 2018 )

Life begin at 40 right? so i will have at least happy 3 kids with my wife sitting at home (up to her la.. but no more office work. If she wants to open business up to her). Debt free. Career wise.. two choices.. go on as consultant or go back to the old company as a better person. Dream – Go to Makkah performing HAJ…….

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3 Responses to I’ve turned 30

  1. Tim Ramsey says:

    I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog.

    Tim Ramsey

  2. Templar says:

    Bro, happy belated bird day ! Hahaha…

    Some how, I agree with you: We never be a leader to a close friend.

    Anyway, good plan for the future. Keep up the good work !

  3. muaksurat says:

    bro.happy belated birthday!

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