Just plain tired…. Olympics is going on and BPL is starting

A bit disappointed seeing badminton got silver without a fight and Manchester United got a draw.

Going to be a packed weekend before puasa month. My brother in law is getting married. Trip to kedah and raub for me. I will miss the alphanatics trip to Sungai congkak this time (Anyhow it is only for those who has not been with sony trips b4).. nevermind la….

Nothing to blog la…

Ok la… actually my company is the organizer + trainer for GREEN program batch 4 for Khazanah. Green program is a program for unemployed graduates. They are trained for 2 1/2 month and doing practical for 9 1/2 month. It is some sort of CSR program for Khazanah. all the graduates are paid rm 1000/month during the program. We so lucky.. got experience and paid some more. Actually they have a lot of potential and maybe unlucky to get jobs. I only attended the opening and also the closing dinner for the first part of this GREEN project but i can see the difference shown by them during the 2 1/2 month of training. best of luck to them.

Some of the pics taken during the dinner (Its Retro night).. I’m not the official photographer.. just happen to be there with my camera…

Me & my officemate riding a vespa

Anuar zain of GREEN batch 4

The AFRO guys


Dancing Queen!!!

The Choir singing GREEN theme song

All shots taken by A100.. NO EDITTING DONE…. hehehe

Chiow for now

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1 Response to TIRED

  1. Salim says:

    Royalti jangan lupa bayar aaa!

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