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Azrin & Rohaizar – Back in Memory Lane…

I found this pictures from my fotopage that i have not open for almost one year… It reminds me how we start loving each other…

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Gatal Tangan Last Night – With My 50mm f1.4

I have this lens but seldom use it…. sal 50mm f1.4.. so last night my tangan gatal and shoot eja & edy #1 #2 The next two photos shot in B&W mode #3 #4 Minor PP done (Brightness, saturation and … Continue reading

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My love…

Just digging my hard drive and saw some photos from my trip to Sydney earlier this year…. The Smile Curious The Concentration A Mom love… The 3 Of us… My small lovely family… they mean a lot to me….

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Sailor’s Rest, Janda Baik

I was browsing my flickr account and found some pictures from last year.. one of the sets that i like the most i s my trip to Sailor’s Rest, Janda Baik with my ranhill’s friends… Sailor’s Rest is a rest … Continue reading

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Malay College Kuala Kangsar

I’m a budak koleque (Although I go in there @ Form 4.. I think becoz my “Karangan” paper got B in UPSR la). I was there until 1995. I’m proud of it and now I’m working with 4 others budak … Continue reading

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Azuan & Jiji – Pre wed – Heritage Hotel, KTM

Its a privilege for us to get an opportunity to shoot at Heritage Hotel KTM.. its a part of azuan & jiij’s pre wed shoot out.. again i was with Tan @ Templar (Fook is back in Miri) Tan testing … Continue reading

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A bit busy…

I’m a bit busy now.. trying my best to complete my first custom album.. it is actually a present for my brother in law…. 75% completed and relize that the custom album got too many concept… hentam sajer la… after … Continue reading

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