Coming Soon – F.A.T first pre-wed shoot…

I’ve been trying to write this post for ages… it is about my brother pre-wed session…

We done it twice already.. one in Bukit Cherakah and one in KTM station.. together with the F.A.T (Fook, Azrin and Tan) team, we set up all lighting stand and shoot like mad. It is our first pre-wed shoot. Normally we shoot model as a hobby. So we are a bit “KELAM KABUT”…

Ok la i cant think and write during puasa month so let the photo tell the stories

F.A.T in action

TAN the Light Boy

ME trying to teach on how to pose

I’m not calculating the lights.. I’m writing a sms

My personal pose… Actually we are testing the lights

AND Finally…. The Sneak Preview…..

The final shoot will be in a classic hotel…. TUNGGUUUUU………

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