“Winning Jobs – Malaysian style”

 Today i will be posing a bit of advertisment… It is my brother’s initiative an e-book….. So enjoice….

Quote from his blog

I am sure most of us are familiar with the term “Knowledge Management”. Knowledge management involves creating, coordinating, combining, saving, retrieving and distributing knowledge. While it is frequently used in corporate sectors, knowledge management can also be applied to individuals referring to knowledge and experience we have gathered over years of our life span.

In line with the knowledge management concept, I’ve spent countless hours over the last 5 months writing an e-book to share my vast knowledge and experience in job-hunting. These are real encounters and lesson learnt through my own success and failures over few years of going through the job market to find the so-called ‘dream-job’.

Let me introduce, my first e-book. “Winning Jobs – Malaysian style”

If you are one of the many people that have faced frustration in finding a new job, then this is the e-book for you. You will soon discover your own potential that you can portrait throughout the job hunting process.

Taking a different approach, this e-book focuses on identifying and highlighting your strength as a job candidate rather than making you ‘the typical best candidate’ as being highlighted by many books out there. The contents are easy to follow, fun, straight forward, relevant and taken from Malaysian job market perspective.

This e-book will help you to unleash your true potential for you to market yourself. The reality nowadays is that finding a job especially at entry level and executive level is very difficult. The lower you are, the more competitors you are facing with. Imagine yourself as a product on a shelf in a hypermarket. You have your advantages in terms of education but so do others, you have a degree but so do others, you have strong extra-curricular activities but so do others. So what makes you stand out and be picked for a job? (Or be picked off the shelf in the hypermarket analogy).

The approach of this e-book is to make you realize what you have in you, highlight it in a way that makes you different from thousand other candidates and thus improving your chances to get the job that you want.

 I am selling this e-book currently at an introductory price of RM20. On top of that i’ll be giving FREE Cv/Resume check for everyone who buys the book!

For more details and to order, visit: http://www.ebook.azuanzahdi.com

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3 Responses to “Winning Jobs – Malaysian style”

  1. jazzmatazzed says:

    Wahlau.. tak sangka!!!! Ada ebook!

  2. azrin138 says:

    Hehehe.. its not mine.. its azuan’s.. just promoting it… anyway if we can print it and sell it at graduations best ni….

  3. Ajuan says:


    patut la tersedak2…hehehe

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