Azuan & Jiji – Pre wed – Heritage Hotel, KTM

Its a privilege for us to get an opportunity to shoot at Heritage Hotel KTM.. its a part of azuan & jiij’s pre wed shoot out.. again i was with Tan @ Templar (Fook is back in Miri)

Tan testing the lights

It is basically a cool hotel and surprisingly there is a lot of people staying in it….

Some pics of the classic hotel

The Receptionist (Pic by Tan)

The Cafe

Pic by Tan

The Roof top (Pic by Tan)

The decoration (Pic by Tan)

As usual.. some of behind the scene pics

Me doing my best as usual (Pic by Tan)

Me as usual.. a guinea pig for lighting (Pic by Tan)

Tan in action

The couple shoes

For those who are interested to shoot @ Heritage Hotel can do so by contacting Lloyd Gan at lloydgan[at]heritagehotelmalaysia[dot]com.

State your time and date, and he will arrange for you. FOC. But he wants a copy of your pic for their promotion

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6 Responses to Azuan & Jiji – Pre wed – Heritage Hotel, KTM

  1. fook says:

    rugila i tak datang…

  2. jazzmatazzed says:


  3. Lloyd Gan says:

    Hello!!! I managed to track you guys at last!!! Ha ha ha … nice blog and pics…. but I think you owe me something …… OooOooooOoOOo

  4. Azuan says:

    Mr Lloyd, the special heritage hotel post will be published on 1st April on my blog.

  5. AyAres151 says:

    owh..u all ker shooting for dorang punya pre wedding..mana lagi gambar?

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