Malay College Kuala Kangsar

I’m a budak koleque (Although I go in there @ Form 4.. I think becoz my “Karangan” paper got B in UPSR la). I was there until 1995. I’m proud of it and now I’m working with 4 others budak koleque (Batch 1978 and 1982). So basically the koleque spirit is there la kawan… tak bleh lari laa…. hmm.. the last time i went back to Kuala Kangsar is in the year 1996 to take my SPM Cirtificate… how long that has been… and i’m thinking of going back next year for Old Boys Weekend… so need to get up to date la with my batch friends….

Some pics from MCKK website

The Big School

The Proud Logo of MCKK


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5 Responses to Malay College Kuala Kangsar

  1. za+za says:

    the only thing i remember about mckk is this one hot jambu yg sungguh la menggoda jiwa. auw.

  2. jazzmatazzed says:

    babe, siapa budak koleq batch 82 tu? SD budak koleq batch 83.. mesti kenai…

  3. azrin138 says:


  4. Tiger Nandre says:

    MCKK Boys and Teachers akan ke Putrajaya
    pada 22 June 2009 bertemu dengan Dr Mahathir
    jam 10.00 am. Depa seramai 130 org.


    Tiger Nandre, Old Edwardian

  5. zai says:

    uncle BIRD gak cm sy.. XD

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