Sailor’s Rest, Janda Baik

I was browsing my flickr account and found some pictures from last year.. one of the sets that i like the most i s my trip to Sailor’s Rest, Janda Baik with my ranhill’s friends…

Sailor’s Rest is a rest house created by a Navy commander. It is actually his retreat house but turned into a rest house. I still remember the trip that took us almost 15 minutes by car from Genting Sempah. The road was getting smaller and suddenly u saw a few big houses with big land.

A sailing boat greeted us…

The bungalow

The View from inside the bungalow

Besides the bungalow that can accommodate about 10 pax, there is also a bot house and a room that can be rented…

The Boat House (Good for honeymoon maa…)

The Room (Annexe if i’m not mistaken) – mind the model.. heheheh

So what exactly special about this place…. ok one thing for sure… you dont need to bring any food (except for some junk food) .. Food is provided… When we arrived the owner served us a light snack.. then tea. At night we had BBQ (u can choose either electric or charcoal). Unfortunately its raining so we had to use the electric one la….

Then the next day, the owner served kampung style breakfast and lunch before we check out…

Activities? .. there is a decent (not deep) river about 10 meters from the bungalow…

Balancing act?

Sepak Takraw (Bring your own ball… In this case we destroyed Edy’s plastic ball.. heheheh)

I told you it is not deep.. (edy one year ago.. quite small yeahhh)

You can also do some fishing if you bring your fishing rod coz there is a pond full of Talapia fish… At night after the bbq we just chill ourselves by watching astro, playing cards and singing karaoke

This one bring yourself.. not advisable… Playstation2 hahahah..

Basically its a place where you can relax just outside KL..
Some other photos during the trip


My family @ the garden

Us with the owner…

More pics here

For more info u can visit their website. Here u can see the rates and more detail about this place

For me it is a good trip.. food and environment is superb… and it is better than what u saw at their website…

a 4.5/5 star trip for me…

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2 Responses to Sailor’s Rest, Janda Baik

  1. Uncle Hashim says:

    Tq for your words about Sailor’s Rest. Highly appreciated.

  2. Rohana says:

    Hi. The place is really awesome, tried the website but can’t. Appreciate if you could email me the contact number. Would luv to go there. Tq

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