My Alpha Journey Part 1: The Dawn of Pre-Alphanatic Time

Hi guys/girls , Selamat Hari Raya and welcome back. Before I start posting my raya adventure in Kedah, I would like to write a few post of my adventure with my A100. It is actually with the conjunction of the upcoming Sony Alpha Conference on 10-12 October. Let The Story Begin….

The Dawn of Pre-Alphanatic Time

* Pre-Alpahantic tool…

The Beginning…

It was the dawn of pre-Alphanatic Time, where my knowledge of photography is next to none. It was the time when my view of world relies much on my own eyes. The history of mine was not recorded in any pictorial form; everything was remembered through my own memory.

The advance photographic technology was not make known to me at this period of time. Until at a time of the 9th moon of the year, I had faced a technology which was so advanced that it was never told to me before. It was a simple communicating device that has the capability to capture images. That was the time where I captured my very first still memory of me and my spouse. Though the images are not good, but it is much better than the memory storage technique.

The Middle Ages…

It was not long after the good old days of my image capturing communication device, my sister finally being accepted into the Great Scholar School of the Country Where “The Beast Are Bouncing Rather Than Walking”.

As a concern brother, I pay her a visit. The Country of her studying was much more advance to me. There were buildings that run into the sky without limit. There was a place with vast landscape of brownish sand with no horizon to be viewed. There as a place where the beast were bouncing around. The people speak different language with me, but use same writing with me….

I was amazed by what I’ve seen. My sister showed me a device that my father gave to her that she claimed could capture a clearer and more images. It has alphabets that look familiar to me, written in “Sony DSC-P10”. My sister told me:” This is called digital camera.”

400 pictures been taken during my trip to the wallabies. I had great memories with this “camera”.

The Renaissance …

After my returned to the Land of Malaya, I started search for the great knowledge of image capturing technique. Once a great guru told me, get involve into a group of great pictures takers in fotopages. From there, you shall seek for your answer.

Fotopages was a the place of great wisdom. I had seen great works from there. I had seen great image capturing device from there. I had met great picture takers from there ! I’ve seen art ! That was the time I was introduced the term of photography. He/she who take pictures with camera was called photographer.

I have a cousin who had traveled and stayed in the Land of Rising Sun. She is a great photographer. She told me:” The people in this Land of Rising Sun had involved in photography since the Dawn of Unknown. You should elevate yourself to this new world by getting into photography.”

That was the time too that I had built myself my very own family. My loving wife and kid is a natural born poser who poses well in front of the camera. We took so much photographs that I lost count on the numbers…

Then it was time that I realized the camera I had was not able to perform my high demand of picture quality. It was time for me to search for the True Camera, the DSLR.

The Truth came when a Sony Alpha appeared came into my eyes. But it was the End of The Wealth Period, my financial was not supportive enough for this True Camera. What I can do is wait…..

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2 Responses to My Alpha Journey Part 1: The Dawn of Pre-Alphanatic Time

  1. zaza says:

    LOL yes you must be elevated to a higher place. :p Keep shooting kazen!

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