My Alpha Journey Part 2: The Alpha Saga Begins

The Waiting…

The end of The Wealth Period never put me to stop searching for the True Camera. The Big Search began in the Mall that located in the middle of The Valley. Comparison had been done between different types of the claimed True Cameras. The Darks has lured me to the dark path of uncertainty; the Whites seduced me with their virginity red lines. Finally, the Big Search was completed in the Legion of Orange, I saw new hope in my dream !

However, raising a family was not an easy matter. My gold had gone low…. I have to wait for new gold to pursue my dream.

Waiting is a game of undefined, a world of dream… It’s a dream for me every time I saw a DSLR passes through me. My hands seems trying to reach it but my pocket is getting deeper and deeper.

The Orange Cube …

It was the time for my 2nd year of marriage. I have collected enough gold from my gold mine to bring my love ones to the Land of Eagle located the Northern part of Land of Malaya. Though the gold spend for the trip were more than enough to fulfill my dream, but I choice family….

I was welcomed with kisses of love from my loved one when I stepped into my house with tickets of The Red Bird in my hands. It would be antidote for me to see my love one smile. It backfires.. in a good way.

We spend good times in the Land of Eagle. What else is more rewarding of looking at my loved ones cried with joy enjoying the holidays?

Unknown to me, my love one had taken a great step to show her love. It surprised me when I saw a glowing Orange Cube on my crib. It looks like what I dream about all the time. There was an ancient alphabet told to be the alphabet of the Great People of Mediterranean Sea. It’s called Alpha, also known as “The first unit in a sequence”. The logo shines and almost blinded my eyes. It couldn’t be true, but it was. The Cube stayed there not moving around, and it was not hallucination, it was there !

The logo on the Orange Cube sums up everything. A dream come true for me… Yes, it was THE LEGENDARY SONY’’s First DSLR Camera, The A100.. Tears came out from no where and the word of thanks in 1001 languages was spoken out non stop from my mouth.

Taming the Beast of Untamed…

Unboxed the camera was a moment of great joy. The camera retrieved from the Cube and appeared silently on my hands, my heart trembled like a rhythm of Rock. It was bigger than my imagination of the True Camera, and it’s more complex to be tamed than I thought. Hence, I called it The Orange Beast.

It was a Beast that not easy to be tamed, though it look silent and adorable. This Orange Beast houses of unknown technology to me. It is a big question mark for me on how to tame the beast that I had never laid my hand on. Miserable clouded my mind there after….

Not long after this, my loved one handed me a big black manuscript with words that I can hardly understand and pictures that took my breath away. The manuscript explains ways to tame the Orange Beast to work for me. After understand on how to wake up the beast and put the beast to sleep, I immediately registered myself to a workshop organized by the Beast Creator, who bear the name of Sony from The Land of Rising Sun. It was a FREE workshop for all the Orange Beast dummies like myself.

Unfortunately the workshop was held during my trip on The Land of Eagle. So little knowledge and wisdom and so little time, I took most of the photos using The Ultimate Green Mode, The AUTO mode or The Mode Who Sees on Dark Night: The Night mode. What surprised me, The Orange Beast seems to be easy to be tamed and gave me satisfaction in recording all my great moments.

I was so excited with the Orange Beast and wanted to find the Beast with a new companion. With all the money left from my goldmine I drag myself to the so called “River of money” to find a companion for my orange beast. After 30 minutes of confusion and interviews I came back with a companion called The Eye That Flash The Dark to Bright, The Sony HVL-F56am.

The flash was immediately tuck on the body of my Orange Beast and the Companion roared in happiness. Once a great wise man said: “you could break a chopstick easily, but you couldn’t break a group of chopstick”; that teamwork is always the best way than working alone. It shows.. when the sexy body of HVL-F56am been tucked to the orange beast body the output become clearer and nicer.

With the only Eye of The Orange Beast, I’d captured numerous great pictures of me and my loved ones.

From the Tamed Beast to Closest Buddy …

I should not longer treat my Orange Beast as a beast but a friend. I should call him a Buddy not a Beast.

To further seek more understanding of my Buddy, I attended the Orange Beast Taming Workshop organized by the Beast’s Creator, The Sony. It was held on the Twin Tower located in the City of Centre Heart of the Land of Malaya.

I took around 5 hours to understand the orange beast and turn it to a friend.. For that day.. the orange beast was called BUDDY…

pic from workshop

So that’s how the Saga begin.. a sweet story mainly because of a love from a wife to a dreaming husband and the transformation of a beast to a buddy

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