My Alpha Journey Part 3: The Alpha Strikes!!!

To learn what to be learned…

People said confidence came with practice and love came from knowing each other. The same case happens between me and my BUDDY. Spending the same amount of time equally between my love ones and my BUDDY seems to have great impact to my photography knowledge.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

Practice is the key to great skills. Though I and my BUDDY had created bond that is so strong that it could only be explained by the Wise One, I had never left my love ones alone. They had been willingly to become my subject of photography. Pictures of pictures of my love ones filled the space of my Machine that Compute. Pictorial memories of good and bad create great conversations between me and my elders. And this practice continues until now…

The Poisonous Abysm …

And then came a forum where all of us did our discussion. I nick named it “The Portal of Poison”. Yes, it was the Alpha Malaysia Club aka AMC forum. I met other friends who trained their Orange Beast to even a higher level. I met great people who had high knowledge of photography. I’ve seen more great work from there. I felt in love with most of the pictures and tried to imitate the angles and shots whenever and whenever I can.

And I’ve first time to know in my life the power of Poison can do so much harm to the unprepared Beast Trainer… I’ve seen forumers fallen into the Dark Hole of Poisonous Abysm ! “Though some of the forumers claimed themselves bearing a Poison Shield but seems never worked….

The Great Eye …

One day it came across my eyes pictures taken by a petite and compact lens that provides perfect pictures of any subjects. It sees subject that truly different from what I had seen so far. The smooth blurriness behind the subject taken is way out of my imagination. Through a great guru I met, it is called bokeh, a Japanese photographic term to explain the blurriness of a background. Search upon search into the Portal of Information, and being registered to the “Ready to be Poisoned Group” in AMC, I was told this is an Eye of Camera that has the properties of 50mm fixed focal length with big hole of F1.4.

It was a desire and hunger for me to grab this Great Eye. Again my pocket seems like a black hole. Every time I put my hand in it, I get the loose coins or dust. From that moment I knew I had to do something or anything so I could marry a new companion for my BUDDY.

Surfing into the World of Information through the Portal of Knowledge for ways to raise income, I came across a website of a famous “Kenduri Kahwin”(wedding) photographer. His works seems simple but strong enough to capture everyone’s heart. I knew which Path I need to go, hence I started to start my own profile. After 4 month of following fellow friends to “Kenduri Kahwin” and relatives’ big events, I managed to create my own profile and set up a website on fotopage.

I strongly believe, with lower cost, “Everybody can have their moments captured”.

My hard work and my prayers to the Almighty God had been noticed. Within 6 Moons, I managed to capture the happy moments for 10 couples with memories that can last forever. It was a satisfying moments to see the bride cried when looking at my BUDDY’s output. My hands was hold tightly by the groom appreciating the work create as the result of companionship between me and my BUDDY. I’ve seen great moments and happiness that would never be forgotten.

With the hard work done, I’ve collect enough gold in my Treasury to welcome The Great Eye. With my greatest heart, I introduced the Great Eye, the Sony SAL 50mm F1.4 lens to my BUDDY.

The Eye sees things differently. And I’m amazed by what it sees….

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