My Alpha Journey Part 4: The Great Alpha Empire

The Orange Fleet …

It has been 18 month since I have my BUDDY A100 as a companion to me. Everywhere I go with my loved one, so do my BUDDY A100 will come together. 18 great months had passed, and I’ve witness the evolution of a Great Empire. An empire rose so rapidly and it shakes the sphere of the DSLR world. It is THE Great ORANGE EMPIRE !

(from kevin_ng Gallery)

The ORANGE EMPIRE evolve rapidly. It started from A100, then AMC, then come the A200. Then once again, the DSLR world shocked with Live View function of A300 and A350. And the A700 serves as the capital ship before the new Flag Ship arrives … and many more. The raise of The ORANGE EMPIRE had set a new horizon to me that I had never imagined when I first receive BUDDY…

The New Order …

New things come to me under the New Order…

1) New friendship

Friends from different background, race, beliefs and ages… We share the passion of Art of Photography. We share the True Thought of using the tools to create great work.

2) Exploration

Trips to the place I’ve been before. I have learned to see these places with a different perspective and adventure, to unveil the un-seen angle that I had never thought of…

Alpha trip to Putrajaya

Alpha trip to Melaka

3) Loving Memories

my second trip to land of bouncing beast… with my BUDDY

4) Alpha Forum 090808

A place where all the oranges gather and share great knowledge.. its free with lot of freebies and delicious food is served….

5) Alphanatics

A new Portal of Knowledge where all Orangers gather together to share, to discuss and to showcase great works from all.

The New Frontier ….

This is the journey of the Great Orange Empire is heading to …the journey I will never imagine…


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2 Responses to My Alpha Journey Part 4: The Great Alpha Empire

  1. Fariz Ramli says:

    Bro! Congratulation on the a700 + SAL18250. You’re really 1 lucky son of a gun + you’re blog says it all!

  2. albnok says:

    Wah 18 months ngam-ngam hou! Congratulations!

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