My Alpha Journey Part 5: Beyond The Horizon

The Convention …

There was a one-day of Knowledge Sharing session in the ninth day of the eighth month of the year. It was that time that The Grand Duke of the Orange Empire announced a Big Convention will be held in the tenth month of this year, but he kept silence on the day of the Convention. When will it be? What time it will be started? Will there another great announcement? What will happen on that day? Questions after questions were thrown to the stage, but the Grand Duke choice to be silent. He grinned evilly and left the stage without much talk.

Grand Duke *yawn* :”Don’t ask… I’m meditating.”

Every Oranger started to bloom in the orchard. There were spark in their eyes. Everybody could not wait for the month to come… Including me and my BUDDY….

I was practically stacked in front of my Machine of Compute for a month, checking through the Portal of Knowledge for the Orangers everyday, so to hope that The Grand Duke would announce the date of the Convention.

Waiting is a deathly game to play. Without much knowing, time slipped away….

The Chaos …

Finally the News was announced ! The Grand Duke had started the registration for the Convention. Every Orangers were so excited and started to swamp the Royal Portal of Knowledge of the Orange Empire. The Guard of the Portal once couldn’t stop the sudden influx of the Orangers from entering, and the Door of the Portal was temporary closed down. Chaos happened and every Orangers was worried.

I was panic. I have no access to the Virtue Highway of Information.

I begged for mercy to my good neighbor for the password to access to the Highway.

He was kind to grand me an hour of accessing.

Without much delay, I registered myself to the Convention !

I was the few lucky ones who manage to squeeze myself through the small opening before the Guard closed the Door of the Portal!

The Chaos last short, when the Guard re-opened the Door. With the Royal Order, he said, only 400 seats are available for the convention. First come first served, no reservation! The 400 seats filled up lightning fast!

Yet .. I need to wait for another month for the confirmation…

The Big Day …

Again waiting is not an easy game.. a month feels like a year long. Everyone was excited for the Convention. Rumors spread of new launch of my BUDDY bigger brother was spread around. Could it be real ? What would it look like? How does it feel to hold on? Indeed this is the most poisonous spell ever spread across the Orange Empire. The Grand Duke was secret on this Great Camera.

Finally. During the third day of Eid.. a pure confirmation came through.

Yes…. I was jumping with Joy….

Now the convention is tomorrow.. My latest visit to KL heart of transportation shows The Orange is invading the town….

ALPHA CONVENTION 2008… here I come!!!!

SONY… You are my family…..

(image by TEMPLAR)

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6 Responses to My Alpha Journey Part 5: Beyond The Horizon

  1. syazly says:

    tahniah bro !dpt a 700!yeah!

  2. Syukur says:

    Hi Azrin,


    Indeed…your blog is superb..

    Well done.

  3. johnny ong says:

    good stuff …….. memang blogger style

  4. harrisoon fr Alphanatics says:

    wow ! what a touching story bro ! you are deserved the price honestly !!! congratulation….

  5. hi there! congrats on winning ur a700 man! i’ve read thru all ur posts… ur truly deserved to win the prize… congrats n gud luck! (=

  6. alphanatics says:

    Good blog! Carry on your humour blogging style with new buddy story. Congratulations!

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