My Raya 2008

Ok.. i know it is already the 19th day of Raya… sorry for the late post. It took me a whole week to complete the Sonyblog and win contest and to write my blog differently. But hey its worth it what… I WON.. actually i’m still in cloud 9 and could not believe that i won… so now its time for my normal post… WORLD AROUND ME!!!

For me and my family we have to alternate our raya because my wife is from Raub and my family is from Alor Setar. So we have decided that all the odd number years we will go back to Raub and the even years we will go back to Alor Setar. Raya this year is quite different. We decided to Raya in Yan, my mom’s kampung. For the first time of my whole life we went back and raya in Yan.

As a norm, 1 day before raya we all start preparing a delicacy called JEMPAHAN. It is a delicacy from ACHEH (Yea.. aku keturunan Acheh and can speak and understand Acheh language)

First… letak tepung at the daun pisang

Then… letak sekaya in the tepung

Next… gelek2

Finally.. ready to steam it…

As usual the final day of fasting almost all our family gathers and break fast together.. In Yan, the house is a bit smaller (a lot actually) so everything a bit cramp la… so basically me and my family have to sleep in a rest house (got Internet woo… dont play2)

This is my uncle. He is 60++ years old. He was attacked by high fever at the age of 12 and since than his brain stuck as a 12 years old boy. Every now and then he was attacked by fit(Sawan). Unfortunately on the eve of raya, he felt down and broke his pelvis. he is still recovering right now and i pray for his well being.

This i my grandpa(93 years old … will i get there?) & grandma(late 80’s). There are still healthy…

There are still a loving couple..

My dad… as busy as usual.. two phones SMS fiesta… hahah

And its raya time

Edy sibuk…

My wife preparing one of my cousins

Edy with his aunty.. cute right!!!!

Family photos.. a must for us…

With my bro and sis

The ladies

And the raya JUMP!!!

aaa… next time please remember to take out all the things from your pocket…

After a hard day trying to eat as many as we could it is time to cool everything down… bushhh

For em personally, it is a memorable raya.. the best i had in years.. hope can do the same thing next 2 years….

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