9195 Raya Gathering 2008

It has been a hectic weekend for me. Although it is a 3 days deepavali weekend, i felt it is shorter than the ordinary weekends. Mother in-law in town, going to rawang, going to raub, cheras and also my mckk 9195 batch reunion…

This time i managed to catch and attend the reunion. It has been my first reunion since i left MCKK in the year 1995. The only acitivities that i attended is the anually futsal event..

The venue is in Royal Selangor Golf Club in Jalan Tun Razak

As usual la.. been a budak koleque when the event should starts at 4.00 pm.. people will arrive a bit late..
@ 4.30 pm… heheh

So my wife and edy just sitting around while i test my A700…

So at around 5 people start pouring in at the registration counter

When we are at MCKK… we are called the PIRHANA… (Famous for making a full bag of biscuits disappear in 30 seconds)

and so we start to chat and eat.. chat and eat… chat and eat…

So.. edy buat apa? As usual… mengorat hehehhe

and of course playing la….

The reason of this gathering is to have a meeting to elect a committe for the batch and also to discuss on the activities for one year.
The MC bidang terjun (Since the original MC chicken out)

The voting…

And the result
Our new chairman (son of the up coming PM in March… u know who la…)

Sexytery….opss secretary

Tresurer… sure can trust one….

The activities during this one year will consist of a lot of TT’s, family day, futsal, bowling, charity, bla..bla.bla

and finally group photos…. ahhhh using a chair as tripod… i badlly need a tripod la.. any sponsors?

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2 Responses to 9195 Raya Gathering 2008

  1. izhar says:

    Egon, stumbled upon your blogpage. keep on writing and posting of pics…izhar

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