The ‘Adik-Beradik’ Best Burger Hunt

This post has been initiated by my brother, Azuan

Over the next few months we will eat, review and blog about the biggest, best burgers available in Malaysia.

Here’s our initial list:

1) Wendy’s – The 3/4 pound burger
2) Burger King – Whopper
3) McDonalds – Big Mac
4) Carl’s Jr – ‘The biggest one’
5) A&W – Double Deluxe
6) KFC – Zinger
7) Burger Ramly Special

Who will win?

All reviews will be on our own personal taste. So basically you will have two reviews on two different blogs..

Let the game begins… geee… i’m feeling fat already… how ar?

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3 Responses to The ‘Adik-Beradik’ Best Burger Hunt

  1. KNizam says:

    so apa result dia ek ?

  2. azrin138 says:

    Hmmm… belum habis tour of burgers lagi.. economy recession so kena slow2 sikit ehhehe… setakat ni base on taste carl’s junior still top…

  3. Anonymous says:


    Cube korg try burger MR Junior, ada satu kt shah alam, satu kt bangi.
    boleh tgk facebook (search mr junior) or click

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