The ‘Adik-Beradik’ Best Burger Hunt #1 – Carl’s Junior

Ok.. this is our first journey towards the The ‘Adik-Beradik’ Best Burger Hunt…

The participant (actually my sis, Azura joined us but i don’t have pictures of her eating.. heheh)

So last weekend we decided to eat at Carl’s Jr, One Utama.

The setting of the restraunt is quite cozy, and the counter is like other normal fast food chain

The first thing that come to me when i queue up is the prices of the burgers in Carl’s Jr…

Its quite expensive…

So we ordered and surprisingly all the food will be send to our table. This is because the burgers are not pre-ready before ordering. They will only prepare your burger after your ordered it in order to keep it warm and fresh.

So we waited for 15 minutes for our burger. Its not bad because the restaurant was 3/4 full that time. Look at azuan after waiting for 15 minutes…

So what did we ordered. The first burger…

The second burger …

Of course as usual the burgers have a totally different look with the burgers shown at the counter. I assume it is normal for every fast-food chain… So you guys wonder where is the mushroom in our second burger… here it is

When you bite it then you will recover it… hahahh

We also ordered beef chili cheese fries. Taste quite yummy

we also ordered a vanilla shake and the two burgers came as a set with a bottomless soft drinks and french fries.

How much does it cost us for all this….

So what is the jury’s decision…

Thumbs up for Carl’s Jr

Wait.. what does edy thinks….

Aiyaaa.. too full until he felt asleep….

And for you guys that “was-was”

Its halal.. and Carl’s Jr except Credit Card….


Price : 2/5 – Expensive and quite steep for burgers

Taste : 4/5– I just love the taste of the burger, the salads and the bun. They also serve Hienze chili sauce and ketchup

Look : 2/5– Disappointing but hey the taste of the burger is good

OVERALL : 3/5 – If you want to have good burgers and you have extra money go and try Carl’s Jr

Until Next journey… go and love your burgers……

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6 Responses to The ‘Adik-Beradik’ Best Burger Hunt #1 – Carl’s Junior

  1. saifulrizan says:

    Aduh… lapar la pulak.

  2. yoamikutdare says:

    tu makan tu baca bismillah tak, asyik amik gambor jer… sampai tercekik anak orang.. heee… cakap dengan eja makan sikit2 nanti gomok… yang lebih tu bagi aku makan… aku pun nak gomok jugak…

  3. Eja says:

    manader gomok… aku maintain jek…hehehe

  4. adura says:

    huh..patut perut muncittt..hihiih – man baik

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  6. Azuan says:

    Burger Challenge! Lapar ni…

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