Money! Money! Money!

Yes.. year 2009 is coming… so this time i will set an early target for myself.. I’ll start what i want to buy for the year 2009 (personal things only..) …

  1. New flash for my a700 – HVL F58
  2. Golf Iron – Steel Shaft (Yes i’m starting again. target once a month golf rounds)
  3. Home theater set – Sony

Simple isn’t is heheh.. I have to keep at least rm10,000 for all this…. yes i hope next year i can do it…. first up golf iron… If i can get an iron set aroung rm2,500 by the end of the year 2008 it would be good…

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2 Responses to Money! Money! Money!

  1. Azuan says:

    Sony Bravia masa tu murah giler. masa sale dekat Amcorp. Brnad New set plak tu.

  2. yo says:

    Tambah lago RM10,000 jadi RM20,000 sebab Alpha a900 RM9,999 heee…. cun Oooo… dual processor

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