Why My post is dull lately

Yeaaa… people keep asking me.. why your blog nothing nowadays. Yeaaa.. I admit it, i have basically nothing to blog about. Even the burger eating has been postponed because i’m too busy in work. Right now i’m doing a consulting project that will be on going for 6 month and i’m basically full time in it although i still have to do things for my CEO.

Ok, I admit it that i played a few rounds of golf lately and that’s all i’ve done to satisfy myself. Even my camera is in the drybox all the time.

Hoping to take pictures in this weekend A1 GP in Sepang. Cant wait to go with my wife and enjoy the race. Too bad i cannot find an ear protector for Edy, or else it will be fun bringing him to the GP.

Also by bro’s wedding is coming soon… about 1 1/2 month time .. so it will be a busy time for our family…

hmm what else aaa?.. nothing la… yes i can see the graph of people visiting my blog drop like the current world economy and crude oil price… heheh… nevermind la.. its my blog and i write in it and i read it also enough for me.. For those who keep clicking this blog… THANK YOU FRIENDS…..

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3 Responses to Why My post is dull lately

  1. Joshua says:

    i think i stop driving range for 3 mths liao.. havent got my iron set yet..

    u must b pro kaki.. can learn from u liao..

  2. azrin138 says:

    not pro la…. prosak ada la… u want to learn can… i can give a few pointers la.. just set the date

  3. Kalau tak tahu apa nak blog … tampal gambar je lah. Boleh gak tengok.

    Sorry eh menyebok … tengah cari Alpha users’ blogs tadi.

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