I’m an A1 fanatics….

Yeahh babe…. its here in Sepang again… The world cup of motoracing… A1 gp… my favourite motorshow in the whole world… WHY?… simple… it has the same cars and it involves country….. what else you can ask for a racing event….

So here we are… wife, azuan, jiji, jiji’s sister and also zamil..

Yearghhh… jobstreet, plus, mofaz.. blablabla.. gave free tickets which i’m not very keen because it should be charged at least rm10 to be fair to the prestige of the race la…. see this happens when Malaysian got free tickets….

never mind la.. even these expensive cars also have to queue because people blocking their parking spaces..

When i arrived for the first race the first thing i realize the different from past two years race is…

THERE IS NO BIG SCREEN!!.. how the heck we gonna see the actions in other parts of the tracks… stupid SIC… this what happens when people are not paying for their tickets.. organizers will try to cut their budgets….. TOOOOTTTT!!

Ok! Ok!… be patient azrin… this is team Malaysia…
The driver : Fairuz Fauzi

Good drive bro… but my advice to him— “Kawan, pergi beli headset kat jalan pasar lagi reliable dari guna A1 punya headset”(People who follows A1 would know the story la…

For those who does not know… A! have 2 races that was separated by 4 hours break… so what we did during the long break…

Pose with expensive cars

This one not that expensive la…

Layan support race

Makan burger RM 6.00

Layan “Live Band”… betul la kan

And finally sleep…

Please…. Please… when you watch racing please bring earplugs

I saw a parent bringing a one year old kid to the race without earplugs…. bodoh ke apa!!!!.. but don’t la do like this China team fan laaa….

And the overall winner is team IRELAND.. see how fast he goes until i can’t take his picture at the finish line..

Overall.. it is a fun outing for me except i’m not satisfied with the organizer on the giant screen….

and as usual.. traffic when we are going out

NOTE: I did not concentrate on my photography aspects during the race.. so i didn’t bother to find a got spot whatever… i just want to enjoy A1 heheheh….

Until next time…… adios… brrooommmmm!!!!


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