29-11-2008 – The day i’ll celebrate every year…

Its 11.45 pm on 28/11/2008, edy is having his regular drink before going to his zzzzz land…

suddenly a knock on the wooden door make him open his eyes widely….. “who is it?”

TARAAAA….. Happy birthday MAMA!!!

Actually it was a planned surprise for my wife. I have to come back late from work that Friday because of project discussion. So my sister, Azura, did a favour by buying a cake and kept it in the vegetable refrigerator.. and at 12.00 am 29/11/2008… the cake came on time and my wife was quite suprise hehehe…

Actually edy is more excited than her…. look at his face….

muka tak puas hati nak tiup lilin

And he did cried a few minutes after that because we took back the cake and keep it in refrigerator… mana la ada org nak makan kek… nak tido dah oii

So during the afternoon i took my family out for hi-tea at….


It been almost 10 years since i’ve been at KL tower.. nothing much changed actually… so when we went up the tower the waitress ushered us to the table and the table number is 1… yeahh babe, pole position…

Quite a nice place to eat. It cost me 45++ per pax and edy eats for free….. there are 3 buffet line



And dessert

Basically the food is ok for me… and it is good to see edy and his mom enjoyed the scenery and also the food… actually edy is the happiest person on this trip…..

Posing with mama..

Edy’s version of peace sign…

Edy alone

Edy playing with his new Power Rangers… Go!Go! Power Rangers!!!!

and a cute pose from both of my love…..

Finally, i would like to dedicate this post to my lovely wife…. Happy Birthday Sayang… I will always love you and thanks for all the sweet memories…. Semoga Panjang Umur…

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5 Responses to 29-11-2008 – The day i’ll celebrate every year…

  1. jazzmatazzed says:

    Macam tempat aku dating nih..heheheh… Anyway, nice place and good food kan?

  2. Dah pergi KL banyak kali tapi tak pernah naik KL Tower. 😛

    Tak tahu kat atas ada restoran pun. Buffet sedap tak?

    Thought of checking it out the next time.

  3. azrin138 says:

    the buffet i would say ok la….. for that kind of place and price what to expect…. but i never tried the lunch … it cost aroound rm75++ for lunch… dengar2 ada sushi…

    min: mmg la… SD yang rekemen kat aku tempat ni hahaha

  4. Ewin says:

    waaaah. damn nice lor kl tower.

    ur boy is cute.

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