Malaysian Football

Yeaaa.. As almost all of you know that I’m a hardcore soccer fan especially when it comes to Manchester united and Malaysian football team. As Manchester United is having up and down season, I am pretty disappointed with our national team football…

If you guys happen to see the Vietnam vs Malaysia in AFF Suzuki cup on 8 December 2008 you guys will discover that another clown was born in Malaysia soccer scene..

He is the MVP (Most Valuable Player) player in Malaysia league. He is supposed to be the new pillar of Malaysian football.. he is a keeper from KEDAH named Helmi Eliza (Still confuse me if he is a guy or a girl)…… a new clown of Malaysia football….


Note: For those who doesn’t watch the match.. the Vietnam player scored from the distance of almost 70 meters…. I repeat 70 meters and this clown just let the ball bounce over his head…. Dey brother… pi makan nasik royale ngna mee abu ajer la brader!!!

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1 Response to Malaysian Football

  1. Dr.Sid says:

    malaysia..otulah rupanyer…memalukan betol..harap spec je mahal..jersey je nike..boot adidas yang star2 pakai..tapi main cm haram…bodo tol…

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