Yupp… its my mckk batch futsal.. Its here again… this time we played it at Sports Barn PJ. 4 teams with pride and spirit of houses that we represent in 1995…

As usual.. my house MohdShah came with the less players among the four teams… this time we played 6 aside futsal and mohd shah has only 6 players…

some more we need to play 7 games of 10 minutes…


A so called friendly shake hand before the game

Me trying to do a tackle from the back…

Kantoi ball watching

Trying to save the “Family Jewel”

Me.. in action…

This is during the 3rd/4th Placing… i missed the penalty kick….

luckily we won 3rd place same as last year result

Yeahhh.. for me its a fun outing but the pain is unbearable after the we completed the whole tournament. I vomited once and still having cramp throughout my body… but putting the pain aside, i’m glad that i joined the futsal game.. maybe next year we can win 1st place providing we have enough players…

The whole result

First Round
Mohd Shah 0 : 3 Sulaiman
Mohd Shah 2 : 1 Ahmad
Mohd Shah 1 : 1 Idris

Second Round
Mohd Shah 2 : 1 Sulaiman
Mohd Shah 1 : 1 Ahmad
Mohd Shah 0 : 3 Idris

3rd/4th Placing
Mohd Shah 3 : 3 Ahmad (Mohd Shah won on Sudden-death Penalty)

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  1. Ewin says:


    taken with A700?

  2. man says:

    mana ade orang main bola pakai spekk wei..hihihi

  3. Apsal Ahmad house time ngkorang luboques sangat ah? Tak cukup ragging ke apa nih?

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