Working Trip In Kuantan

I was off to kuantan for 3 days from 16/12 to the 18/12. It was a working trip to survey things for a corridor project. I cant mention what is the job and i didn’t know that i can show any photos related with the job. So i will post this…

My Breakfast – Nasi Lemak Zaman

This is the famous nasi lemak in Pahang. I was told that this place is our TPM’s favourite place whenever he came back to Pekan…

The nasik lemak was wrapped in daun pisang

Inside a good tasty nasi lemak with sambal and half of egg…

Overall the rice taste good but the sambal is normal for me. Anyway as usual i wallop 2 nasi lemak. Please be aware that there is almost 50 tables in the shop but normally it is full and you have to queue to get your nasi lemak

Lunch – Akop Patin House

Situated at the riverside of Kuantan, this is one of the famous place for lunch. Always packed with people.. The speciality of this restaurant is…. Patin Masak Tempoyak

The taste is just superb.. one of the best patin tempoyak i ever had… i wallop 2 1/2 plates of rice this time.. Other than that we ate sayur masak tempoyak

Masak Lemak daging salai

Sambal Itam (Bilis + Belimbing Buluh)

And for desert… Tapai in daun getah

Here you can eat in buffet style or you can take the LAUK and do it as HIDANG… A place i would not forget… seriously.. if you are in Kuantan please try

Dinner – Ana Ikan Bakar

Tanjung Lumpur is a place for people in kuantan to eat fresh ikan bakar. There are a lot of ikan bakar restaurant or stall there. This time we choose Ana Ikan Bakar, a place far from the main road.

The fish is fresh from the sea

So we choose 3 fishes ( 2 ikan barat & 1 unknown fish) and cuttlefish

And they burn it with charcoal and wrapped with banana leaves.

And the result…

Forget to mention, the cook the fish with PETAI.. yum yum

Another place i would not miss if i go again to kuantan. WARNING: Please be there before 8.00 pm or else it is almost impossible for you to find a sitting place

Ok there is no pictures or stories for my snacks and tea… i only have laksam, sata and ikan goreng tepung for snacks and tea…


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4 Responses to Working Trip In Kuantan

  1. zaza says:

    anything that’s wrapped in daun pisang will be sedap gaban. nasi lemak tu looks good lahhh…

  2. Fareast Zainal says: looks yummy….u make me hungry lah…..

  3. budeen says:

    berguna entry ni utk aku yg nak ke kuantan esok.. hehe
    thanks.. (seo anda berjaya.. hehe)

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