Hello 2009… Thanks 2008…

Things that I can remember in 2008

  • I won a new camera through the Sony blog & win competition. I really desperate to have this camera and struggling to save enough money to buy it. It really a sweet moment for me…. Thanks for those who gave help and inspiration.
  • The moment when my Grandma in Batu Pahat passed away. A sad moment for me. Al-Fatihah for arwah Mak tok .
  • I finally left Ranhill after 6 years of sweet and bitter moments. I still couldn’t believe it that I have the guts and courage to leave my comfort zone. Many have failed.. but I still believe until this moment that I’ve made the correct decision to move out. It is purely on getting more experience although so many people saying that I left Ranhill because of getting pissed of with a lady hahahhaha…
  • Turning 30. Yeapp. Getting older but I really having a good life at this moment especially around my love ones eja & edy.
  • Manchester United won the Champions league and the Barclays Premier League. This shows that who is the boss…. A breakthrough season for Cristiano Ronaldo… and I’ve got the rights to brag the Liverpool and Chelsea fans for a few weeks… precious moments
  • A political tsunami in Malaysia which I think make things worst…stupid politician concentrates on banging each other and not to develop our country. It happens until today.. again I would like to shout…. Kids… yes our politician is just like kids who lost their “bantal busuk”

9 Things to do in 2009

  • To increase my savings by RM 10,000
  • To have another kid. Praying hard for a girl but it happens to be a boy I will always accept it
  • To do something about my hair.. getting worst..
  • To go at least 2 holidays out of KL with my family
  • To stay in 5 star hotel with my family at least 4 times this year
  • To maintain my weight at 60 kg… so I have 10kg to lose this year
  • To choose between management or consultant for my career
  • To buy a car for Eja by the end of 2009
  • To start back low cost wedding photography by June 2009

This time I will do quarterly review of my target to keep myself on the toe. So goodbye 2008.. and hello 2009…..

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1 Response to Hello 2009… Thanks 2008…

  1. mde says:

    Dear Egon,

    Nice blog. Enjoy surfing thru it. Keep up updating new news and photos. I pray you will achieve your targets for 2009.


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