I’m still tired… and now busy…

trying to recover from azuan’s wedding.. i’m just pure tired and now in the office cracking my head on all the projects going on… anyway… pictures will tell all… the event is great…

all photo’s in raw files from the OP of azuan;s wedding – anyeventphotography


Family Photo

The Pengantin

The Rombongan from Johor


Arghhhhh!!! Again

Baling bunga

Edy singing Karaoke

Family photo again

Family photo baling bunga

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5 Responses to I’m still tired… and now busy…

  1. yo says:

    Bang bila nak jumpa nie?

  2. Nad Eusoff says:

    salam bro
    singgah by ur blog setelah dikenenkan oleh yoamikutdare..
    nyway tertariks ngan ur shots..
    lawa bangat
    still a newbie in dslr world
    so harap pat berkongsi petua lah ye

    wah ayat manis jek sy nih

  3. Nad Eusoff says:

    salam bro
    i’m a newbie guna dslr ni..
    so harap dapat belajar something di blog bro nih

  4. shanana says:

    Thanks so much memberi kepercayaan kepada anyeventphotography merakamkan happy moment your family dan juga ceremony wedding azuan…..ok enjoy the photo yer……

  5. Fareast Zainal says:

    Selamat Pengatin baru to Azuan..

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