Edy’s Third Birthday

Tarikh 16/2/2009… my son’s 3rd birthday

We decided this time we would like to do the party at his kindergarten since it is his first year of school. Just a simple preparation that cost us about rm500… cake, party packs, french fries, spagethi and nuggets for 40 kids…

Seeing 30 people singing happy birthday song for my kid is something special.. the excitement and innocennt faces really makes me felt like i’m in a different world….

So just enjoy the pics and hope that i write more soon

Edy doing what he best at… mengorat (guys he didn’t learn it from me ok)

Hmm.. the anxious face…

How you doing!!!!

Trying hard to blow the candle

Sing! Sing! Sing!

My LOVE!!!!

The innocent faces

Note: wow at last i manage to write something…. I’m now sitting in A&W restraunt in Batu Buruk Terengganu blogging while my fellow mates interviewing persatuan ibu tunggal…

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6 Responses to Edy’s Third Birthday

  1. Fareast Zainal says:

    Happy Birthday Edy. May Allah bless u 4ever. Aminn

  2. Eja says:

    Happy birthday sayang!!! muahhh….

  3. jazzmatazzed says:

    Woohoo…. dah besar dah Edy….

  4. strozze says:

    happy birthday, Edy! good angle la gambar2 ni.. 🙂

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