Last 2 weekends I’ve attended my cousins weddings in Batu Pahat and Ampang. One thing that i realize why i love to take wedding pictures because you don’t have to wait for the moments because weddings are always full of action and moments

wan & rini (batu pahat)

Jasmeen & Rahmat (Ampang)

more pics in my flickr

So… why did i stop doing this part-time basis? I have know time and i don’t like editing and doing albums hahaha… so I’m thinking of doing a team of 4 photographers (boleh ganti2 kalau sorang busy) and 1 designer who like to do part time (not for the money la if part time… it is just to supplement your income). interested?

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  1. Eja says:

    bukan Ampang la b… setiawangsa le…

  2. Thanks, bro, for taking the lovely pics. Hari tu aje ada 5 orang budak koleq kat the clubhouse.

  3. zaza says:

    hah cepat buat bisnes tangkap gambo. nak buat branch kat japan, meh i bukak sini. kueng kueng kueng

  4. yoamikutdare says:

    Tercekik kejap tengok gambar… lawa giler gambar kau amik dan betul ker tu jasmeen? is that jasmeen that i know? or other jasmeen… heee… congrat to both of your cousin…

    aku nak masuk team kau boleh tak? ader jawatan kosong lagi tak?… base New Castle

  5. dillazag says:

    kak mimin is my senior at school!!! what a small world!
    kak dilla dari ppp , isteri kepada ayam
    (hmm.. somehow, that sounded a little weird)

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