I’ve played golf again…

Ok.. lama dah aku tak update blog ni.. ramai gak org komplen… but what the heck.. i’m too busy.. now i’ve found some time as most of the projects are at the tail end phase..

So i’ve started to play golf again thnaks to my buddy lan… and these are some pictures from a tournament that i’ve entered after playing just 5 rounds in 3 years.. not bad la i scored 98… bawah 100 tu..

Putting for par




Baca line…


Group photo : qaizer, komeng, engku imran (husband erra) & me



Hmmm so next target.. in 5 years .. single handicap… hahahah

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2 Responses to I’ve played golf again…

  1. dillazag says:

    Awak masuk tournament MC-RMC tu ye? Macam familiar je baju tu.. (the logo, actually)
    Kak Dilla (isterinya kepada Ayam)

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