Family Outing 29 March 2009

What is family outing?
For us normally, family outing is a routine of going to shopping complex and looking at my wife shops (i only shop tice a year) than we eat. Yes, for the past few years that’s the routine due to work, balik kampung and also not going out @ nite because of man utd games.

So one day i decided that we do little bit different la. Lets go out in the morning and see what we can do and i’ve promised my wife that we go shopping also… heheh. Because of i think its different i bring my trusty a700 camera…


We went our for brunch… location.. sari ratu nasi padang kelana jaya..

Wife waiting to wallop the food (heheh at the end i wallop everything)

Lauk wajib – tunjang

Another lauk wajib – ayam pop

Avocado juice – not recommended.. for me tak sedap la

Es Teller for desert – RECOMMENDED


After all the food went in our stomach, i took a gamble to drive to taman burung (a place that i never been for at least 10 years ago)

An of course, the most excited person is edy la!!!

Some of the bird pictures taken during the walk under the hot sun

I think this peacock tak suka i la… “Hey fella.. take my b*tt”

And of course a family picture

Like a bird, when the burd fly it must come down… at the end of the walk, edy pun zzzzzzzzzzz


As promised to my wife every family outing kena ada shopping….(warning: gambar ini di ambil senyap dan buka gamabr orang mencuri di kedai handbag)

Eja in action

Than as usual we had our dinner at the shopping complex. That day edy pilih tempat… and dengan bangganya dia pillih itallianies.. dia ingat bapak dia CEO ke…. Datuk dia la CEO….

Happy nyer

Spinach & cheese

Spagethi Meatball

Edy in action pulak

So finally after the whole day, just exactlly one hour before the earth hour, we decided to have a foot massage to ease all the pain we have to endure during the day…

Eja tengah tahan geli and dari angin keluar

Edy waiting for his turn

Finally!!! arggh

hmm.. what else to say…. enjoyable weekend and next time we try to throw away the shopping part out of the itinery.. (until today still not successful)… heheh

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