Heyyy.. how is my 2009 goal?

This is my achivement so far:

9 Things to do in 2009

  • To increase my savings by RM 10,000
  • – half way there

  • To have another kid. Praying hard for a girl but it happens to be a boy I will always accept it
  • – change target to 2010 since my wife continued her study

  • To do something about my hair.. getting worst..
  • – gone case.. i dont think i will recover

  • To go at least 2 holidays out of KL with my family
  • – just came back from Bali

  • To stay in 5 star hotel with my family at least 4 times this year
  • To maintain my weight at 60 kg… so I have 10kg to lose this year
  • – now i’m 72 kg

  • To choose between management or consultant for my career
  • – i’ve chosen consultant

  • To buy a car for Eja by the end of 2009
  • – praying and saving hard for this

  • To start back low cost wedding photography by June 2009
  • – i’ve got my first tag along job this year… on the right track

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