Edy’s Sports Day 2009

Its a new excitement for my family… the first sports day for our son. We make sure he slept early and wake up early and all of us dressed for the occasion as if the parents going to run for the sports day…

Edy with his sports day pose

I’m a bit worried on that day because knowing edy… he is such a cry a baby… and as usual he did cried 70% of the time during the sports day…

Start looking for his parents

Nak mama

A series of photos of “nak papa”

.. And just before his turn is up.. he managed to calm down

and shows his true talent….

he done it without crying and trying to look for his parents… and managed to get….


A photo with the teachers

Son.. I’m proud of you.. i did not even have a medal in sports until i was in form 5.. you have done it during your kindergarten days… Congrats boy….

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4 Responses to Edy’s Sports Day 2009

  1. rainysiew says:

    haha. he’s is too busy looking at his medal to look at the camera… great shots as usual 🙂


  2. izharhadafi says:

    cricket medal ka bro?

  3. pakE says:

    aku curious gak medal apa yg mamat ni dapat… hahahah… if cricket medal, u should be thanking aku n izhar bro…

    • azrin138 says:

      medal cricket ngan hocket 6 aside.. hahahha… ingat lagi cricket final perka ajer aku main and took the first wicket by long throw right to the stump heheh

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