Holiday: Bali 2009 Day 1

I’ve been dreaming of going to Bali since the day of the bombing… it makes me wonders, what is so special about that place that can attract so many tourist…

So one day, my wife called me…”hey.. lets go to bali… 3 people for RM 300++ only.. return ticket some-more.”.. Instantly i answered… “OK, lets go.. nah my credit card number”… So on 24th June 2009.. we are on our way for a family trip …. last time we had our trip together was on 2007….

when we arrived at LCCT, first thing happens… edy insist that he wants to sit at the front of the baggage trolley

For your info edy is a frequent traveller.. at least once a month on MAS, firefly or Airasia… so even the flight is delayed he can still kill off time with style

Edy killing time

We have to queue for 25 minutes even though the SILA MASUKsignis on…. and they assign us separate seats so we have to negotiate our seats with other passengers… hmmm.. cheap fares.. what do you expect..

I managed to get afew snap shots on our 5 minutes walk to the airplane…

Our flight

Edy screaming.. run mama… the plane is closing the door..

A last minute shot before entering the plane

We are lucky enough the flight is half empty.. so we can seat together.. even some of the mat salleh took 3 seats and sleep..

So to kill of time.. we had our brunch that cost me RM 50… the food is quite nice and hot… and edy had his favourite in flight food.. nasi ayam…

after eating, edy did show us some of his acting skills… how to be a cabin crew

and how to shuffle in a plane

After 3 hours of smooth flight… we arrived in Bali and was greeted by our tour guide.. Mr yande and his driver Mr. Heru.. since we have to wait for Eja’s sister that took a flight 3 hours later than us + 45 minutes of delay… we asked our driver to take us for lunch…

Here is our first lunch in Bali… nasi padang i think…

we also took some pictures at the restaurant garden

After lunch.. they took us to our hotel to check in.. White Rose hotel.. just behind the first bombing monument.. we are lucky enough they upgraded us from 2 rooms to a familysuites with 2 rooms… i will tell more about the room in my final post in Bali…

As a kid.. the most appeling thing in a hotel is the swimming pool. Figuring that we would not spend much time in the hotel.. i decide to take edy to the kids pool..

Edy eager to jump into the pool

Having fun

Pose for an entertainment magazine

One of many missed shots by my wife… i don’t know whether she did it purposely or not…

After chilling in the pool in in our room… we picked up Eja’s sister and her husband at the airport before we had our dinner at Jimbaran… we had seafood for our dinner at the beach under the moon….

and i’m glad my wife and son enjoy it…. look at their face

First day went smooth and we ended the day by me and Eja’s brother in-law spend a few hours at the night clubs in Jl. Legian – Kuta…..

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2 Responses to Holiday: Bali 2009 Day 1

  1. Eja says:

    best la.. rasa cam nak gi lagi… yande & heru mmg best…

  2. yoamikutdare says:

    wah best nyer… dato payment belum lagi nie… hangin giler nie… sorry dato…. banyak ker spending kat sana… intan teringin nak pergi….

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