My 31st Birthday Post

Hi everybody… I’m free again… Bali trip review will continue later….

 Today as most of all you know .. my birthday… another year older and I hope wiser… At the age of 30 I’ve learnt a lot especially in the aspect of my career… I’ve gained 6 years of working in Ranhill in only 1 year… it is truly special to me…

 Today.. in conjunction with my birthday.. I would like to dedicate this post to my love one… so here we go (not according to order)

 Bak (my dad)

 I’ll start with my dad. My idol. No one knows that I idolize him. His style of managing a company made me proud of him. For him it is always people skills and that particular skills made me envy of him. Although everybody knows that his temper is very-very scary, inside him you can see that he is a nice guy. I still hope I can learn more from him (except for his temper because I know I inherit it so much… actually also his hair hehe).

 Nyak (my mom)

 My angel is disguise. The nicest person in the whole world. Always help me in trouble although sometimes or most of the time we have different views. I know I have a lot of sins to her but our constructive arguments always be forgotten in the next hour. She took good care of my son when we went to work and that deed I thank her very much.

 My brother and sisters

 My siblings. Interesting characters of brother and sisters that I really cared about.. I’m trying to spend as much time with them as possible. It is fun to get together once in a while. Seeing them grew up and successful made me happy

 My wife

My love. The one that I love very much.. top of the list. We’ve been through so much. She thought me how to be patient and not jumping to conclusion. She thought me on the word “trust” and how we should trust each other and no matter what happen I will always trust her with my life…. forever. I know I also done a lot of mistake to her but she kept her cool and never stop to understand me. She has been my pillar and strength to my life since the day we get married and every crack on the pillar we will try to seal it together. I know I’m not perfect but I will be as close as possible to be a perfect husband to her. I ALWAYS LOVE YOU SAYANG….

 Edy (my son)

 My life. I will not trade anything in this world for him. He is my stress reliever. At 3 years old he kept asking me.. “Papa ada masalah ke”… I see a lot of me inside him and Ithis is my chance to nature me so that he can be better than me in the future. He meant a lot for me. He is the unity of my family…

So these people are the one that I care about.. the one that I would take a bullet for… and the one remains in my heart and soul….  

So what is my birthday wish…. To be able to be happy with my loved one… that’s all that I wish for…

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2 Responses to My 31st Birthday Post

  1. fareastnajmi says:

    Very nice and touching entry post…u r really a good son, brother, husband and father. Wishing u all the best in your life.

  2. Eja says:

    i love u too b…

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