Hello 2010… a new blog year?

I know i’m 12 days late.. but better be late than never… hehehe

so how do i perform last year?

9 Things to do in 2009

  • To increase my savings by RM 10,000  – if in total i made it but also spend most of it…. 🙂
  • To have another kid. Praying hard for a girl but it happens to be a boy I will always accept it – Insyallah will achieve it on August 2010
  • To do something about my hair.. getting worst.. – in treatment mode now… but the progress is sooo slow because of my lack of discipline
  • To go at least 2 holidays out of KL with my family – only managed to to Bali
  • To stay in 5 star hotel with my family at least 4 times this year – FAILED!!!
  • To maintain my weight at 60 kg… so I have 10kg to lose this year – FAILED!!!
  • To choose between management or consultant for my career – Now i’m a full time consultant and enjoying it
  • To buy a car for Eja by the end of 2009 – insyallah in the first quarter of 2010
  • To start back low cost wedding photography by June 2009 – FAILED!!!

So… my resolution for this year… simple..

  • To update my blog at least once  a week
  • To be able to bring my family for a holiday for at least 2 times in 2010
  • To become a consultant specialized in strategy
  • To take more pictures especially pictures of my family
  • To buy my wife a car
  • To spend more time with eja and kids

Basically 2009 i faced a lot of “UNWANTED” incident and i’m still having trauma of it until today… hoping that in 2010 i can built back the “TRUST” that i’ve build for few years back…. that’s the main goal…


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