What a start for 2010

Have you come across situation where you think a normal fever can easily be treated with 2 dose of panadol? This is what I always do whenever I have a feeling that fever is coming to attack me…. I guess I’m totally wrong this time..

On 19 January 2010, it is just another ordinary working day for me. I just came back from my company’s management retreat in Indonesia the night before and fatigue is expected because we only slept for 2 to 3 hours per day. So I try to take a nap before lunch and hoping that I will recover from it…

As I woke up my body starts shivering and I felt cold instantly… I couldn’t control myself and instantly I went to the doctor nearby and he gave me panadol soluble (I think) to overcome the shivering. So I asked my wife to pick me up because I don’t think that I can drive home

A few hours letter my dad came to our house to see my condition and we found out that my temperature raise to 40 degrees Celsius… the immediate reaction is to go to the hospital and as expected they gave me drips because of high temperature….

Unfortunately as an hour passed by, my temperature still at the same level and my blood pressure getting lower and my heart beat getting faster and by that time I’ve suffered diarrhea. And the interesting conversation begins

Doctor :           Azrin, I need you to stay in the hospital tonight..

Azrin    :           Ok doctor.. please get me a single room

Doctor :           No.. not in the ward.. in the ICU.. your condition is quite bad…

Azrin    :           ICU? Please call my wife for me…

The moment the word ICU came out I know it will be a long story… and there I Was 2 days in the ICU and 1 day in normal ward battling so call viral infection…

But been in ICU gave me a different experience since I’m awake most of the time except for 6 critical hours battling with coldness and fever…. Thing that I’ve experienced: 

  • You cannot go to the toilet or even put your feet on the ground in ICU… all the business been done on the bed… you will be bathed at 5 am in the morning and you need to learn to use pampers and bottle
  • A dedicated nurse for each patient that will monitor everything.. every single movement the nurse will say… “ada apa2 encik”…
  • Full of wires…. Your body will be wired to monitor heartbeat, oxygen level and blood pressure
  • People dying left right and centre..
  • And.. it is a boring place..

No pictures can be taken in the ICU so the only photo is me in the ward

Finally I would say thanks to my wife for taking care of me and all the nurses in Selangor Specialist Centre Shah Alam for a flawless and professional service. For Dr Shanker.. thanks for treating me… and also thanks for all the wishes my friends

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