Taman Safari – Puncak Indonesia

Note: photos are taken in a moving bus with blue tinted window… aiyoyo so tough la to take…

#1 Zebra loves Honda Jazz

#2 Water anyone?

#3 Big Butts…. i mean very2 big..

#4 Malaysian footbal team mascot? or Maybank mascot?

#5 Even animals can queue up….? human?

#6 You dare to stop?

#7 Giraffe playing hide & seek

#8 A horny bull

#9 Ok ready….

#10 ….pose

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3 Responses to Taman Safari – Puncak Indonesia

  1. Syiru says:


    Nice blog, sedar tak sedar dah abis the whole page… keep it up..
    ingat nak add dlm my blogroll maybe bleh share dgn org lain gak… k

  2. ismatulnabila says:

    salam bestnye pegi taman safari ni..
    naik bas sendiri ke or bas yg taman ni sediakan..
    btw gamba still cantik even tangkap dari dlm bas.. blue tinted lagi.. nice~

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