I Was A Dancer

Yes.. it is not a typo error.. its true…

During my days in University Tenaga Nasional, me and a few friends established a new society called Anak Seni Tenaga Nasional (ASTENA) and I can proudly say we managed to set up an event called festival university tenaga nasional (FSU).. and the event is still on for the 10th time this year..

So i managed to learn dancing and playing gamelan during 2 years there…

Some of the pics that i manged to scan…

The first president of ASTENA

Giving a speech with under power contact lens..

Playing gamelan

Kuda Kepang

Tarian Ting-Ting

Tarian Buluh

Basically it is a new experience for me and we managed to proof that dancing does not requires you to be “LEMBUT”

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