It has been a long time…

Salam Ramadhan

It has been ages since i’ve updated my blog… for so many reasons (basically personal reasons), i have to stop blogging and try to find myself again… so what has happened… nothing actually.. remember my new year resolution.. lets look at that….

  • To update my blog at least once a week – FAILED
  • To be able to bring my family for a holiday for at least 2 times in 2010 – Managed to bring them to Port Dickson & A Famosa Resort
  • To become a consultant specialized in strategy – a poor performance year in 2010
  • To take more pictures especially pictures of my family – Where did i put my camera?
  • To buy my wife a car – Bought her MYVI SE
  • To spend more time with eja and kids – yup more time but been inturpted by old love… GOLF

And the best thing in 2010 till now is…. the born of my new son.. EILMAN RAZIN BIN AZRIN

Eidlan & Eilman (Razin)

Till next time… i hope i can write more….

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