Year 2011

2010 has been the most stressful year in my life… its not about work that bugger me but the stress of personal matters… a lot of things happen this year that really pushed me to the limit… the only good thing happen to me is having my new son .. eilman….

Eilman Razin (1 Month)

SO lets forget 2010 and bring on 2010…

To start off i’m now in the office hearing how confusing a car manufacturing organization structure can be… yet the have a lot of cash in hand….

My 2011 resolution… ok lets try:

1) To play golf at handicap 15 by end 2011
2) To play less golf and be in the office more…
3) To have the new house fully furnished by the end 2011
4) To have a side income job to support #3
5) and finally.. to control my temper… less blow up….

the toughest one… of course no 2…

Any way i’m trying to post more post (confuse?) in my blog.. wondering if i can post a short post or pics everyday….

Happy New Year non-existing readers…..

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