A hectic sunday

Hallo 2nd day of the year….

Its been a hack of a day for me.. Normally sunday is the day i play golf… But today i decided to spend my time with my family…

As usual my sunday routine begins with edy’s golf lesson.. I also hit some balls today and tried the new shaft for the driver.. Terrible moments n it takes time b4 i can handle a regular stiff shaft

Than in the afternoon made a gamble to go to ikea.. Packed like mad but managed to eat at ikea.. And also booked a dining table (still not sure is it worth it or not).. This boy is driving me crazy..

The day end with tutti fruity treat at bukit jelutong…

Now tired and monday blues started to sunk in…

P/s: wottt.. Chelsea drew.. Are they really a title contender or a new liverpool?

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